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18th of September was held third stage of curated residency program QUESTIONING ART lectures - discussions with guest lecturers Ervinas Koršunovas and Kamilė Rupeikaitė. We talked about wisdom. Lecturer Ervinas Koršunovas gave a lecture on the fear of God, lecturer Kamilė Rupeikaitė talked about the musical manifestations in the Tanach.

20th August.2015 in Leliūnai artist Žilvinas Landzbergas held Native American sweat lodge making and cooperation workshop. We had fabulous evening. Native American sweat lodge ritual, starry sky of August, fun members of Leliūnai community, unexpected guests from Shaman art center, the large number of sauna enthusiasts. Everything was enough. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The project QUESTIONING ARTS gains momentum. There was another workshop at Utena art center. This time artist Vitalij Červiakov communicated with inquisitive people and introduced them shooting with pinhole camera techniques. The results of the session we will share with you later.

13th of August, 2015. Art center of Utena. Program of curated residencies QUESTIONING ARTS. Educational workshop hosted by Icelandic artist Solveig Edda Vilhjalmsdottir. Workshop - rapid sketching with water-colour.

meno centras 2015 0811th and 12th of August, 2015 at Utena A. and M. Miškiniai Public Library people of Utena danced. Urban Dance Theatre "Low Air" organized street and contemporary dance workshop where participants experimented with teachers prepared tools of dancing. Thanks to everyone who participated.

7th of August, 2015. Art center of Utena. Program of curated residencies QUESTIONING ARTS. Educational workshop of sound hosted by artist Audrius Šimkūnas. Result (in the record you hear the music created by artist Audrius and youngsters): https://vimeo.com/135690568


2015 08 06 SokioOn 6th of August, creator Anna Sigridur Olafsdottir held educational therapeutic dance workshop for participants of the Women's Activity center of Utena, for residents of the city and guest of Utena.
Anna introduced 5 rhythm dance meditation technique and invited women to forget everything, to stop thinking, to move together, improvise and relax. During intuitive dance system, which was invented by Gabrielle Roth, the dancer can go through the full creative cycle, which consists of 5 different rhythms: flow, staccato, chaos, light, and stillness.

There was another workshop at Leliūnai secondary school. This time artist Aurelija Maknytė communicated with school children and introduced them usability of archival material in the art.

3 June, 2015 artists Lísbet Harðar Ólafardóttir and Gunnar Jónsson invited people to the psychogeographical tour of Leliūnai and convinced that for each place you can create a legend. In wards building to see the largest concert halls vision, in ordinary street house - the birthplace of the future president, and when you are near small lake to feel the boundless ocean impression. Thank you all, as a large gathered, in the trip of the imagination. 

Jurgita Jakubauskaitė, participant of program of curated residencies QUESTIONING ARTS, had her workshop "Kite making and decorating with balts symbols" in Tauragnai.

Program of curated residencies QUESTIONING ARTS. Third learning event, where ethnomusicologist Aušra Zabielienė shared her impressions how to collect folklore, how to interpret it and how to perform it.

Artist Lísbet Harðar Ólafardóttir invited schoolchildren of Leliūnai secondary school to participate at her workshop "Outside of the box: expression in a new way”.